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We make Happy Customers

For the first time in my memory I have no pain at all in my mouth. Congratulations!

I'm writing with a very big thank you for all the treatment you've given me!

Six Month Smile

We have adopted and offer the six month smile programme. The results are amazing. Enquire today!


"When I discovered that I would have to loose a front tooth due to infection just 9 months before I was due to get married, I was quite naturally horrified. I thought there was no way I would ever look the same again and that I wouldn't be able to smile for a single photo! After a couple of consultations with Alex I decided to go ahead with the implant procedure, although this was far from straight forward as I also needed bone augmentation due to the bone loss as a result of my infection. The entire process was drawn out over several months but Alex refused to rush it as wanted the maximum chance of a positive result, needing my gum to have healed completely and the bone density be back at a satisfactory level, before completing the procedure. Parts of the process were painful and scary but Alex continued to reassure and put me at ease by explaining each stage in detail. After months of wearing a denture I received the fantastic news that the procedure had been completely successful and I was fitted with my crown in time for my big day. I was so delighted with the results that I couldn't stop myself from hugging Alex! The crazy thing is that my smile is far better & straighter now than it was originally, and there really is no way anyone would ever know that I had an implant. I'm now pain free and have my confidence back completely, as a result I was smiling for every second of my beautiful wedding day. Without Alex's skill & professionalism it could have been a very different story so I shall be eternally grateful!"

"After years of bad experiences I finally found a dentist who understands my fears.  I have never felt anything but comfortable and at ease with Dr Hashemi and his ability to help me through what I find an extremely nerve racking experience.  I have now been with Dr Hashemi and Confident Smile for over 15 years and he is now our family dentist who I trust 100% and would change for the world…."

"A previous dentist turned me into a very nervous patient, but Alex Hashemi is miraculously transforming me back into a human. He is gentle and reassuring, but just as important, he has done away with all my tooth-related pain. Treatments are quick and (almost) never hurt and everything happens as he predicts. I still dread going to the dentist but I always come out thinking 'that wasn't so bad after all.'

"I first approached Dr Hashemi as an extremely nervous patient who needed the expertise of a Orthodontist. I found his manner calm and most reassuring and the friendly atmosphere of the surgery put me at ease.  I have now been able to undergo extensive dental work with the minimum nervous tension!"

"Thank you all so much for the wonderful treatment and service I experienced. I am so pleased with how quickly you straightened my teeth! They look amazing and I have had lots of compliments. I have been recommending you to all my friends, one of which will be calling you soon for an appointment." 

"My teeth were always something that I was extremely insecure about and I would quite often smile with my mouth closed and not allow anyone to take a close up photo of me. After I saw an advert online for Dr Hashemi’s 6 month smile, I went to see him for a consultation. The reason I chose this dentist was because of the extremely reasonable prices that they offered. Dr Hashemi was so professional and he could see exactly what needed to be done. I had the 6 month smile braces and I went to see him to get them tightened each month. The braces were comfortable and I could see the progress that was being made as the months went on. After the sixth month Dr Hashemi took my braces off and I almost cried with joy when I saw how perfect my teeth were. He also fitted a retainer in the back of my teeth which will stay on for around 3 years, so I don’t have to worry about wearing one to bed. I then also got a home teeth whitening kit which was provided by Dr Hashemi which worked amazingly. People quite often ask me if my teeth are veneers as they cannot believe how perfect they are now. Having the 6 month smile braces is the best thing I have ever done, Dr Hashemi was so reassuring and professional all the way through and you can see from my before and after photos that his work is simply magic.”

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