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Root Canal Treatment

What is Endodontics?

An Endodontist is a dentist who specialises in Endodontic therapy. Endodontic therapy (of which root canal treatment is one type) is carried out when the soft pulp tissue (nerve and blood vessels) normally contained in the centre of the tooth becomes diseased or dies. This may lead to inflammation or infection (an abcess) in the surrounding jaw bone causing pain and swelling at the end of the tooth root, although it can sometimes remain pain-free.

The Endodontist will remove the diseased pulp tissue (nerve and blood vessels) from the centre of the tooth (root canal). The root canal will then be carefully cleaned and shaped prior to being filled which will help prevent re-infection. The treatment can be time-consuming using local anaesthetic techniques with little or no discomfort. Sometimes Endodontic therapy is completed in one visit, but usually two or three appointments are needed. Afterwards, you return to your general dentist who, having received a full clinical report, will place a crown or other tooth restoration on the tooth to protect it from fracture and restore it to full function. The tooth will be reviewed by us a few months after treatment to monitor healing of the inflamed tissues in the jaw bone.

Why is it performed?

The alternative to Endodontic therapy is removing the entire tooth. Endodontic therapy will therefore help to retain the tooth in the mouth:

Preserving your appearance

Allowing you to chew with comfort

Maintaining neighbouring teeth in their position. (Loss of a tooth may allow neighbouring teeth to drift into the space that the problem tooth once occupied. This can lead to poor appearance and can make it difficult to keep your teeth clean).

How much will the treatment cost?

Endodontic therapy and the restoration of your natural tooth may be less expensive than the option of tooth extraction and replacement with a bridge, implant or removable partial denture. The cost of Endodontic therapy will vary depending on the nature of the problem and the tooth affected. An estimate of the cost of your treatment will be provided on the day of your first consultation.

Fee Guide



Consultation (inc. small radiographs and report


Root canal treatment from:

Single rooted teeth (incisors and canines)


Multi-rooted teeth and molars

£528 (pre-molars)

£650 (molars)

Surgery from:


Review appointment:


Why might my dentist refer me?

Your dentist may like some advice on the cause (diagnosis) of the problem and its management. Also, some treatments present technical challenges that can be more readily met with specialist equipment and skills not routinely available in general dental practice.

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